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Protecting Your DNA: The Unraveling of Privacy in Genetic Testing

When one saliva sample can reveal anything from a customer’s hair color to their risk of Alzheimer’s, it is understandable that each individual would want to protect this information. GINA’s broad jurisdiction in the workplace and in health insurance as well as constitutional rights to privacy provide such security; but holes in GINA’s jurisdiction and a lack of court precedent also remind us that genetic privacy is not guaranteed.

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U.S. Mass Surveillance: Striking the Balance Between Security and Liberty

Over a year before the Snowden leak, Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s concurrence in United States v. Jones raised light on issues of government surveillance that came with the public disclosure of the NSA programs. Sotomayor warned that the digital age should reconsider whether “an individual has no reasonable expectation of privacy in information voluntarily disclosed to third parties.”

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